Welcome (English)

Welcome to my website For the joy of Life.

I am Conny Voesenek and I live at a small coast town called IJmuiden, which is half an hour from Amsterdam.
We were raised with dogs and lots of other animals during our childhood, because my parents thought it was part of our education. And that love for animals and nature never left me and dogs became the centre of my life.
My first dog Scrabble came from an animal shelter and he was a mix between a Dutch sheepdog and a terrier. Because of him I fell in love with the Dutch sheepdog and so came the mother of my Dutch sheepdogs in our lives: Erasta van de Olmendreef. With her I bred two litters and from the second litter I kept her daughter Blitz. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to breed with Blitz in the end, but she was a great dog and a joy for life. A daughter from Rasta her first litter lived with a friend of mine and when she became pregnant I got her only daughter so I could continue with my breeding line. Idemdito Sifra Anik was a lovely dog and a copy of her mom Nikki. She gave me 3 litters and from the last litter I kept her daughter Faith. Faith was pregnant from her first litter but that almost went wrong. Her contractions weren’t strong enough and she needed a Caesarean. There was only one female puppy and sadly enough she had a cleft palate. I couldn’t put her to sleep and decided to go for it and with the help of friends, online information and a vet who does research on cleft palate surgery and who did the surgery for free, she made it. I named her Give me Hope and Hope made it. She is one special lady. I didn’t want to take the risk of breeding again with faith, so I had her sterilized what also meant with her sadly enough my breeding line of Dutch sheepdogs ended. At least for now. But I never say never, who knows maybe one day I’ll have a new sheepdog puppy.

For now I only breed with my Swiss white shepherds.
My love for these beautiful special white beauties started with my first white shepherd Demi. She had no pedigree, but had a dad with pedigree and she was such a sweetie. She loved puppies and helped with the litters of the Dutch sheepdogs. Demi was my special lady who saved my life and is still my guardian angel. Trough her and her outstanding personality I even felt more in love with the breed and so came Kane in our life. She reminds me a lot of Demi and is a very friendly and social dog and a super mom. She had 3 litters and all her children are open, social and friendly dogs.
From her first litter I kept her daughter Dyami and like her mom she loves puppies and she and her mom take care of the litters together. Dyami her name is Indian related and means eagle. She is a friendly girl but with a bit more power than her mom Kane. She became best puppy on the club match in 2007. We do show occasionally, but it’s not what they and I really love to do. We much more love to be at the beach or in the woods. Dyami her First litter was a large one with 11 puppies. She did a great job, all her puppies are beautiful and lovely and her son Icer For the Joy of Life (Sem) does a great job on the shows.
unfortunatly,Dyami was killed by a reckless kitebuggier on our beach in februari 2011 and we still miss her very much.
Thanks to susanne lompe from der weisse wupper wölfe, we now have a new puppie: Bonita Aylen. Her name Aylen means happiness/luck and thats for sure what she`s given us!

Because Kane has so much fun in raising puppies we had a third and last litter and I kept a daughter and named her Imala. Imala is also an Indian name and means with a strong spirit. Well she definitely does her name honour. She is a very stable and powerful dog, but also tender and very willing to work and who loves to play and cuddle.
Aylen and Imala are the future from my kennel For the joy of life.

In 2013 Imala had her first litter and from that litter i kept a girl and her name is ayomi, which means she who bring luck. For me she has a very strong conection with Dyami and with her my family is complete,for now.

But after ayomi, i kept a male from aylen and he is our stud makya and he is just the sweetest male ever!
The perfect match for me was the litter with ayomi and my own male makya and i kept their perfect daughter: aiyana

For the future i always had my mind set on a welsh corgi cardigan and in 2020 my first corgi came to live with us: abby.
i hope to breed with her in the future.

My dogs are my best friends and are always by my side. From time to time I have a litter that are born and will grow up in my house and garden. I also have 4 cats so the puppies will grow up with cats and will by optimal socialized. Together with the future owners I do all the best I can to give everyone a friend for life.

I’m a member of the breedingclub for swiss white sheperds(RZWH)and the ZWHVN and i am breeding under their rules.

If you have any further questions or want information about something don’t hesitate and email me at: info@forthejoyoflife.nl